Je Couture

The Soul of JeCouture

We are a female funded startup. We design leather bags and accessories and we make them with expert hands of artisans.

All our products are made with top quality Argentine leather. Leather is a noble and durable material that beautifies with time and use. That’s the reason why each of our bags are unique.

Processing skins and transforming them into leather is one of the oldest practices in recycling waste and transforming it into raw material, which is used to make bags and other products and above all to create jobs. Tanneries transform this waste and turn it into a durable, versatile, biodegradable, and real product.

Luxury Heritage

Since we were little we liked to sew, but at that time we did not know each other. One day life crossed us and we realized that we had many things in common.

We started to share sports, pregnancies, trips and meetings with friends... even this passion for design and sewing.

Although each had different jobs, one day after a phone call, we embarked on this crazy journey of designing and making handbags.

At the beginning, we experimented with scraps, making patterns, cutting and sewing. We did tests and more tests until our first model came out.

Since then we never stoped, and in 2017 we formed Je Couture, a brand of 100% leather handbags, with its own design and luxury style.